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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is usually best to leave the hotel three hours in advance. If your flight departs at 12:00, the taxi time from Waikiki Hotel is 9:00. This is the same for Koolia Aulani.

If you add one Waikiki hotel, you'll add $ 5.
One place other than Waikiki is $ 10.

A little wait in one place adds $ 20 for 30 minutes.
Two places are free when you get off the plane.

Thank you.

If you are planning to pick up at 8:00, please wait in the lobby at 7:55, five minutes before.
The taxi starts about 20 minutes ago and arrives in the hotel lobby 5 minutes ago.
Then leave on time.

I hope all taxis are minivan taxis.
Think about the seat and weight and the trunk

4 adults
2 children
Trunk medium size 4

Is the limit. Please note that it is a guide only.

Honolulu Airport has a separate classification for the pick up location.

◎ Select Honolulu Airport (international) for immigration at Honolulu Airport.
→ Get out from Exit 2 and call for information at Pillar 6.

◎ Select Honolulu Airport (domestic) if you are coming from an island next to you or if you enter Japan without an entry.
→ If you are coming from the next island, walk along the right after terminal 1 and call the white parasol.
→ If you are from the US mainland, check the baggege claim number and call.